This page houses a collection of tools we use to work on different marketing activities. Feel free to use these tools and enhance them as you wish. Just as there are no magic bullets in marketing, there are no true “secrets.” What you find here are tools using common industry knowledge to help build marketing programs that work.


Creative Brief – A creative brief template to plan tactical materials and ensure they follow marketing strategy.

Message Calendar – A calendar template for planning and executing messaging on a regular basis across multiple communications outlets.

Omni Profile – A simple document for building your profile offline before creating an account at LinkedIn or Google+.

Brand and Online Presence – Presented to the Oregon Chapter of the ASID, February 2011. A short presentation on building a brand and online presence for service businesses.

Conquering Blogging – Presented to the Oregon Chapter of the ASID, October 2011. A short presentation on how to begin and keep motivated in blogging on various platforms, choosing the appropriate platform for your business and brand.